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Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 159-181)
av Geir Otto Holmås
Engelsk sammendrag

The essay provides a review and appraisal of the most recent translation of the whole Bible into modern Norwegian, Bibelen Guds Ord, published by Bibelforlaget in 1997. This translation has rapidly achieved a position as the second most popular in the Norwegian Bible market. Informally labelled «The Norwegian King James», Bibelen Guds Ord is strongly influenced by the English New King James Version. Giving an assessment of the version’s textual base, translation principles and its Norwegian language and style, the essay concludes that it is deficient because of an intolerable number of translation errors, unacceptable or idiosyncratic Norwegian usage and stylistic unevenness.

Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 183-205)
av Ådne Njå
Engelsk sammendrag

After the recent amendments to The Marriage Act there is a need to reflect on the theology and liturgy of marriage. The author argues that the reformers’ teaching of the marriage as a secular institution does not imply that it’s not also a divine institution, but only that it belongs to the creation and not redemption. Based on a broader notion of sacraments than usual in a Lutheran context, the author argues that the instituted marriage between one man and one woman should be considered a sacrament. With regards to the liturgy this means that only the sacramental marriage can form part of the main marriage ritual of the church.

Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 208-220)
av Hans Morten Haugen
Engelsk sammendrag

On the face of it, Church of Norway takes a clear position with regard both to a liberal asylum and immigration policy and the efforts to promote understanding and integration across national, cultural and religious boundaries. Church of Norway seeks at the same time to uphold the influence of Christianity in the Norwegian society, but this is hardly ever done in an exclusivist manner, saying that Christianity is threatened by and must be ‘protected’ against immigration. The article seeks to identify the reasons for Church of Norway’s clear position on issues relating to immigration. The article also seeks to identify whether the clear positions taken by Church of Norway are being reflected in attitudes among the clergy and whether the stands of Church of Norway have contributed to the promotion of a multicultural society, based on respect and co-existence.

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