This essay was originally presented as a lecture as part of the celebration of Professor dr. theol. Sverre Aalen’s 100’th anniversary at the Nor-wegian School of Theology, 7th of December 2009. The aim of the article was to highlight some main perspectives in several of Aalens scientific publications on the New Testament, which to a certain effect can be traced back to his doctoral dissertation from 1951, and it’s rich collection of data from Early and Rabbinic Judaism. As a biblical scholar Aalen was creative and innovative who succeeded to contextualize New Testament concepts and texts in their Jewish cultural context.

Keywords: Sverre Aalen as a scholar, Early and Rabbinic Judaism, Jewish context, New Testament Studies, Dualism of light and darkness, The concept of ‘Light’ in the Synoptic Gospels, Apocalyptic Judaism, The Ressurection of the dead