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Teologisk Tidsskrift
Teologisk Tidsskrift aims to stimulate research, communication and discussion within and between theological traditions, professional theological disciplines, and academia. It publishes peer-reviewed articles, scholarly debate and book reviews, and it welcomes contributions from both younger and more established professionals from the field of theology. The journal is a result of the merging of Norsk Teologisk Tidsskrift and Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke.

Teologisk Tidsskrift is owned by the Faculty of Theology/University of Oslo and the Norwegian School of Theology/University of Oslo, and it is published in partnership with the Scandinavian University Press.

The journal is directed at researchers, students and people interested in theological debate, teachers and priests. For the general public, Teologisk Tidsskrift provides an opportunity to stay informed about theological scholarly debate in Norway.

The journal is issued quarterly.

Teologisk tidsskrift is indexed in ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®).

From 2017, the journal will be published open access.
Hallgeir Elstad
Reidar Hvalvik

Book editor:
Sven Thore Kloster

Editorial secretary: 
Olav Refvem 

Journal address:
Teologisk Tidsskrift
Det teologiske Menighetsfakultet
Pb 5144 Majorstuen
0302 Oslo

E-mail: teologisk.tidsskrift@gmail.com 

Editorial board: 
rektor PTS Sivert Angel (Det teologiske fakultetet)
instituttleder Ingunn Folkestad Breistein (Universitetet i Agder)
professor Gunnar H. Heiene (Det teologiske menighetsfakultetet)
førsteamanuensis John W. Kaufman (Det teologiske menighetsfakultetet)
professor Jone Salomonsen (Det teologiske fakultetet)
førsteamanuensis Gerd Marie Ådna (VID vitenskapelige høgskole)

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