Solveig Osborg Ose, Silje L. Kaspersen & Ivar Pettersen

Mental healthwork in Norwegian municipalities: What the figures tell us

During ten years (1999–2008) of a national mental health escalation plan, Norwegian communities have received earmarked grants to finance mental health services. Disbursements were conditional on strict reporting routines to assure escalation in the right services. Despite earmarked grants being included in the general grants from 2009, leaving the communities more self-determined, reporting routines are still the same. This gives us the opportunity to follow the resource allocation in these services before and after the change of the funding scheme. In this article we follow the resource allocation (measured by man-labor-years) in Norwegian community based mental health services from 2007 to 2009. We use descriptive statistics, cross-sectional analysis and panel data analysis to study the variation in resource allocation between municipalities during this period.