Ania Wiggen Jørgensen, Brit Bjørndal Larsen, Lina Kristensen & Turid Opland

Open Dialogue Approach and CDOI (Client Directed Outcome Informed Therapy)

This article presents a project whose purpose was to investigate the possibility of combining the feedback system Client Directed Outcome Informed Therapy, CDOI, with the Open Dialogue Approach. CDOI in combination with the Outcome Rating Scale and the Session Rating Scale is adapted to, and in use within, individual therapy and family therapy, but it seems that it is not in the same way adapted to, and implemented within, networkoriented approaches. Our experience in the present study was that using CDOI did not inflict on the open dialogue in the meetings. When reflecting on the SRS score each participant got the opportunity to express their views of the meeting. The experience was that misunderstandings were discussed and the feedback system contributed to a joint understanding within the group. The reflections and feedback from the participants showed that it can be useful to apply the scales within Open Dialogue Approach. This project implies that using CDOI within an networkoriented approach makes this practice more client-directed and outcome-informed.