This book is the result of a long-time research collaboration between scholars from various disciplines working together on the topic of antisemitism and Islamophobia in Norway. Based at the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies (CHM), the project group was formed in 2010, working on the first extensive population survey on attitudes towards Jews and other minorities in Norway (2012), and five years later on a second survey on attitudes towards Jews and Muslims in Norway (2017). We would like to thank the Center, and in particular its director, Professor Guri Hjeltnes, for her continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm for this field of research.

The findings presented in this volume are to a large extent a result of the research project Shifting Boundaries: Definitions, Expressions and Consequences of Antisemitism in Contemporary Norway (SHIFTBOUND), financed by The Research Council of Norway (2017–2021). We are grateful to the Research Council and its Programme on the Cultural Conditions Underlying Social Change (SAMKUL) for the funding.

In working with this volume, we have received help and support from various individuals. We are particularly grateful for the thorough and competent help provided by Kaitlin Preusser, who at the time had an internship at the Center, and by Birgitte Haanshuus, doctoral research fellow.

The cooperation with Scandinavian University Press and its commissioning editor for open-access books, Helge Årsheim, has been very efficient and pleasant. We would also like to thank the two anonymous peer reviewers for their critical comments and helpful recommendations.

This publication was made possible by the generous financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Oslo, September 2019

Christhard Hoffmann and Vibeke Moe