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The Internet Soapbox
Perspectives on a Changing Public Sphere
Terje Rasmussen
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The Internet is addressed as a political infrastructure that structurally transforms the political public sphere. 

This book reviews Internet research and political theory seeking theoretically "cool-headed" perspectives on the current public political spaces in advanced societies. Aspects of the political theories of Rawls and Habermas are discussed and contrasted with contestation-oriented theories. In light of how the Internet takes part in structurally transforming the public sphere, the book draws on sociological and realist insights in order to encircle a more realist view. It briefly reconsiders such strange bedfellows as sociological systems theory (Niklas Luhmann) and political realism (eg. Bernard Williams). The purpose is not to construct a realist theory of the internet-based public sphere, but to point out central insights on which such a theory can be built.

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Hallvard Fossheim
Terje Rasmussen

Terje Rasmussen is a sociologist and professor of media studies at the University of Oslo. Rasmussen’s research interests include the use and transformation of digital personal media in social networks, the sociological controversies that influence the Internet as a political infrastructure, Internet governance, online journalism and transformations of the European public sphere. He is the author and editor of several books and articles on digital media, ethics, journalism and social theory – among them Social Theory and Communication Technology (Ashgate, 2000), Digital Media Revisited: Theoretical and Conceptual Innovation in Digital Domains (with Gunnar Liestøl and Andrew Morrison) (the MIT Press 2003), and Personal Media and Everyday Life – A Networked Lifeworld, (Palgrave 2014). His latest book (in Norwegian) is a social history of the Norwegian political public sphere since 1945: Offentlig parlamentarisme – politisk strid og offentlig mening 1945–2000 (Pax 2015).

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