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Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap
Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap is a periodical for Nordic jurisprudence. In addition to publishing articles of a high scholarly standard, the journal places great emphasis on providing information about new law literature by means of literature studies, book reviews and book lists.

Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap was first issued in 1888 and is aimed at Nordic lawyers.

The journal publishes refereed articles and is classified as a journal at level 2 on the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions’ list of publishing channels.

Please direct submissions and queries to tfr-red@jus.uio.no.
Erling Johan Hjelmeng
Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg

Editorial secretary:
Stian Øby Johansen

Journal address:
Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap v/ Erling Hjelmeng
Universitetet i Oslo
Senter for Europarett
PB 6706 St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo

Books are to be sent to Inger Hamre by the same address listed above.


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