Vocational education under modernity. A conceptual interpretation of processes of change in Norwegian VET.

The article presents some theoretical concepts for research on the integration of vocational education and training in a unified Norwegian educational system. This integration may be understood in the light of structural processes significant for modern educational systems, identified as unification, systematisation, differentiation and specialisation. These processes represent a special dynamic, it is argued, which stands in a somewhat contradictory relation to the traditional formation of occupational identity and craftsmanship within VET and to the traditional autonomy of VET based on the organisations of the working life. The significant role of making the educational content and training procedures in writing is also discussed, pointing at the effect of strengthening formal orientation and administrative rules. Finally the necessity of understanding the VET in the light of changes within the working life is underlined. Training must be understood as part of the social construction of skilled workers at the labour market.

Keywords: vocational education, educational dynamics, occupational principle, skilled workers