The aims of this paper are to describe the Assessment of Clinical Education tool (AssCE) and the translation process and cross-cultural adaption of the AssCE tool into Norwegian. Developed in Sweden, the AssCE tool comprises 21 factors to support the assessment dialogue among students, preceptors (supervising nurses) and lecturers at the specialist nursing level. The AssCE tool was translated into Norwegian using standard procedures for forward and back-translation. In the translation process, different steps were integrated to secure cross-cultural equivalence using an expert committee of seven intensive and critical care nursing students and seven intensive and critical care nurses. The committee reviewed the AssCE tool and examined whether the tool is understandable and usable for the assessment of dialogue during students’ clinical practice. The rigorous steps to ensure cross-cultural adaptation support the conclusion that the AssCE tool can be used in other countries for intensive and critical care nursing education and to create support in the dialogue between students, preceptors and lecturers.

Keywords: Translation, cross-cultural research, expert panel, assessment tool, nursing education