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Nordic Studies in Education
Nordic Studies in Education publishes articles, information and debate on subjects within, and of relevance for, education in the Nordic countries. In particular, the journal focuses on Nordic dimensions of education.

Through peer reviewed research articles, through debate, and through information on current issues, educational problems are presented from various points of view.

The journal is a source of information on the various Nordic research environments, and a source of information for publications, conferences and other events.

Nordic Studies in Education is published in collaboration with Nordic Educational Research Association. It receives financial aid from Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Its target audiences are researchers, educators at different levels, and readers with a general interest in the field of education.

Nordic Studies in Education is published quarterly. It accepts contributions written in the Scandinavian languages and in English.
Herner Sæverot, Bergen University College

Editorial assistant:
Dziuginta Baraldsnes, Bergen University College

Contact Editorial staff

Editorial group:


John B. Krejsler, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
Tel.: (+45) 871 63 835
Niels Kryger, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
Tel.: (+45) 871 63 714


Anna Slotte, University of Helsinki
Tel.: (+358) 29 4140972
Sirpa Lappalainen, University of Helsinki
Tel.: (+358) 9 191 20 536

Gestur Guðmundsson, University of Iceland
Tel.: (+354) 525 53 58


Elisabeth Bjørnestad, Oslo and Akershus University College og Applied Sciences
Tel.: (+47) 22 45 20 55
Hans Petter Ulleberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tel.: (+47) 73 59 02 86


Robert Thornberg, Linköping University
Tel.: (+46) 13 28 21 18
Carl Anders Säfström, Södertörn University
Tel.: (+46) 08 60 85 154

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