The education for teaching in the Danish gymnasium, which constitutes the general upper secondary level schooling in Denmark, has a tradition more than 200 years old. The education and training for teaching is called pædagogikum and takes place in the beginning of a teaching career, after graduation from university. A crucial dimension in pædagogikum is socialising graduates into becoming teachers. This paper presents an analysis of this socialisation process during the theoretical part of the teacher course in the subjects Danish, Mathematics and Social Science. Based on ethnographic fieldwork, and inspired by Bourdieu’s sociological theory, practices and discourses in the teaching – including the use of pedagogic theories and research results – are analysed. Based on this, possible consequences of the pædagogikum are discussed in the light of the objectives of gymnasium schooling.

Keywords: Teacher education, pedagodical teacher course, upper secondary school teacher, Bourdieu