The Norwegian Qualifications Framework, the Norwegian footprint of the EQF, recommends a turn from considering teaching (input) to considering learning (output) in Norwegian higher education. This study investigates the understanding and realization of the turn amongst scientific staff at a Norwegian university. This study defines the turn from teaching to learning in terms of (i) use of learning outcomes in teaching and planning; (ii) use of student-active forms of learning; (iii) formative assessment. Drawing on material consisting of 14 qualitative interviews, the study discusses how staff understands the turn and whether it is taking place. The results of the study is negative in so far that both teaching and the planning of teaching follows a traditional track. Planning is predominantly based on the syllabus. Teaching is predominantly instructional. Possible reasons why the turn is not taking place is considered and two curricular principles presented. The notion of formative assessment paper is also discussed in the paper.

Keywords: Teaching, learning, learning outcome, National Qualifications Framework, formative assessment