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Editorial 2/2018
Survey Research in Education
(side 99-100)
av Herner Saeverot & Dziuginta Baraldsnes
The Norwegian Educational Psychological Service:
A systematic review of research from the period 2000–2015
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 101-117)
av Torill Moen, Marit Rismark, Anne Sofie Samuelsen & Astrid M. Sølvberg

The article reviews research on the Norwegian Educational Psychological service (EPS) in the period spanning 2000–2015. The material investigated consists of high quality research in terms of PhD studies and blind peer-reviewed articles. The analysis revealed three overall categories: research on work behaviour and professional identity; research on specific problem areas and expert assessment; and research on collaboration and users’ experiences. The purpose of the article is to highlight and map out investigated areas, to identify where little or no research has been conducted, and to make suggestions for further research.

Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 118-137)
av Michael Tengberg, Astrid Roe & Gustaf B. Skar

This article reports from a study of interrater reliability of constructed response items in standardized tests of reading. Two panels of raters (lower secondary teachers and test developers) were asked to rate student responses on 11 different items taken from the Norwegian national reading test in eighth grade. Consensus estimates and measurement estimates were combined with a qualitative analysis of difficult-to-score student responses. Based on findings about rater agreement, distribution of severity, and troublesome response characteristics, the article provides knowledge about both actual and possible levels of interrater reliability and discusses the use and development of open-ended reading test items.

Students’ Perceived Experience of Disruptive Behavior in Schools
A Comparative Study between Schools in the US and Norway
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 138-154)
av Liv Duesund & Magnar Oedegaard

This article reports findings from a comparative study of disruptive behaviors in schools in Norway and the United States. The study investigated students’ perceived experience of the phenomenon during class. In total, 1,153 students participated in the study (544 in Norway and 609 in the US). The majority of students in both countries claimed to have been disturbed during the last week and also said that this occurred one or more times every day. Discrepancies in the results were found in that American students report a higher prevalence of disruptive behavior, while Norwegian students seem to find disruptive behavior more disturbing than their American counterparts.

School, friends, or a matter of personality?
A multidimensional approach to exploring sources of tolerance among students
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 155-173)
av Erik Lundberg

The school is often emphasized as the societal institution with a universal mandate for promoting democratic values such as tolerance among the younger generation. This study explores the role of a positive school context for tolerance among Swedish students between 14 and 20 years old, simultaneously taking into account competing explanations such as social networks and personal traits. Results show that factors at the school level are associated with tolerance. However, socioeconomic factors and social networks tend to play a more important role. The study concludes by drawing attention to the role of schools as inclusive communities for students from different ethnical and social backgrounds.

Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 174-194)
av Marit Aas & Christian Brandmo

Over the last decade, many countries have implemented assessment systems meant as tools for school improvement. This article examines how school leaders in Norway respond to the expectations of national authorities regarding the use of assessment results to transform practice. The research draws on data from a survey study investigating how school principals use national tests, results from student exams and the Pupil Survey to improve learning in schools. We suggest that the framework of 'expansive learning' represents a novel perspective designed to change approaches by focusing on how change processes in schools need to acknowledge critical investigations and tensions. The findings show that, while school leaders initiate discussions of the assessment results, many of these discussions do not lead to new practices in the classroom, mainly because the school leaders perceive teacher resistance. This study contributes to the research field by acknowledging the challenge of using assessment to improve practice within the school.

2-2018, årgang 38


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