This article discusses, using survey results, interaction between teaching and research and development (R &D) at Finnish universities of applied sciences (UASs). The expectations to integrate these two are very topical. However, the UASs are better known as education institutions among their external stakeholders. UASs’ strategic dilemma is the further development of the R & D mission. This raises a number of fundamental questions for leaders and managers. While the current Finnish higher education policy emphasises ‘integration’ the UASs face several difficulties when trying to link teaching and R & D. The struggle from the point of view of academic leaders culminates to the attempts to realign the culture of the academic work including high teaching loads with R & D serving directly business world. This article indicates that leadership preferences and dedication of mid-level leaders in UASs are very important.

Nøkkelord: academic leaders, teaching, research and development (R & D), universities of applied sciences