This paper is a theoretical discussion of the on going transformation of the field of practice from a ritualized, bureaucratic to a flexible, variable field. It is important to discuss how the changes in the field of practice confront education. With references to Max Weber it is argued that bureaucracy is an organic part of modernity, both on a structural and an ideological level. A bureaucratic understanding of the practical field, as rule based and predictable, can nevertheless still be traced in education. Hereby the following assumptions are nurtured; that school-knowledge can be directly converted into practice; that actions in the field of practice can and must be evidence-based; and that practical knowledge is equivalent with applied theoretical knowledge. However, the contemporary fluid and flexible field of practice can no longer be captured by a bureaucratic standard. This is a challenge to education, both on a political-practical level and on an ideological level. In conclusion, the paper will confront the new challenges of education by means of an Aristotelian understanding of the field of practice. His perspective offers both a fruitful contribution to the bureaucratic as well as to the postmodern understanding.

Keywords: the field of practice, practical knowledge, theory and practice, bureaucracy, a postmodern condition, evidence-based practice.