As of January 2013, I, Fritjof Sahlström, have been the new editor for Nordic Studies. I am based at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. The editorial work is done in close collaboration with Tuuli From, the assistant editor, also at the University of Helsinki. We are taking over from Biörn Hasselgren, who for many years has successfully functioned as the editor of the journal, and we aim to maintain and keep up Biörn’s work.

The journal will continue to emerge quarterly, publishing peer-reviewed articles, debates and shorter pieces and information. Universitetsforlaget in Oslo will continue to be the publisher. In the coming years, NSE will attempt to profile itself as a Nordic journal. Articles where issues of relevance for the Nordic countries are in focus will be invited and given preference. Nordic contrastive and comparative aspects will be in focus for coming special issues of the journal.

In collaboration with the editorial board and with the publisher, we have initiated a substantial revision of the submissions and review procedures, aiming at achieving an efficient and reliable process. Of particular importance for the journal’s ability to succeed is to ensure high-quality and timely review. The journal will collaborate with the NERA board in establishing a larger group than what is now the case of identified reviewers, and in establishing procedures for succession and turnover in the group of reviewers. This work will continue in the coming years. As editors, we will also work towards a transition into an electronic submissions system as soon as possible.

As any journal, NSE aims at increasing its impact and visibility. This growth has to be based on a steady stream of well-received and well-cited articles in the journal, which in turn can be achieved through ensuring reliable and high-quality review. Publishing high-quality current research articles in Education is a way of both ensuring a sufficient number of manuscripts for review, and of beginning the work of increasing the impact and visibility of NSE. We hope and believe this issue of NSE, the first one where we as new editors have been substantially involved, will prove that this indeed is the case.

The journal has a new e-mail address: Please do get in touch with comments, questions and other feedback that can help us, and NERA, to develop the journal.