NFPF/NERA, established in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1973, has now, after initial deliberation, been active for 40 years. Annually, a congress has been held (with the exception of 1983) and hosted in a set national order. Initially, the congress circulated between universities and university colleges in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Since the fall of the so-called wall, and to emphasise the connection to the Baltic states, the Finnish congress, 2002, was run in Tallinn, Estonia; subsequently Iceland also became a member of the NERA board, and the 2004 Congress was located in Reykjavik and now, in 2013, it will be held there once more.

Due to NFPF/NERA’s 40-year jubilee, the first 2013 issue of Nordic Studies in Education will open with a couple of texts outlining part of NFPF/NERA’s not-always so clear-cut past; it is the hope of the editorial board that these contributions will inspire more articles which illuminate issues that might be of relevance for outlining the history of the association. After Berit Karseth’s opening, Karl-Georg Ahlström’s notes from the birth of the association follow, and, after that, Biörn Hasselgren provides a summary of the second main aim of the association, the journal (organising the annual congress is the primary aim). Our ambition is that the texts will provide interesting reading concerning NFPF/NERA!

In eager anticipation, the Editorial Board