A tool for learning? An analysis of targets and strategies in Swedish Individual Education Plans

The issue of this study is how assessment in Individual Education Plans (IEPs) is expressed through targets and strategies for future learning, given to pupils in Swedish compulsory school. Drawing on socio-cultural perspectives and using qualitative content analysis as a method, the IEP is viewed as a tool for learning, and two models for analysing the textual aspects of this tool are developed.

The results show that the being aspect – pupils’ personality and behaviour – is involved in target-strategy combinations in various ways. They also indicate difficulties in formulating targets and strategies that are concrete and individual.

The content of the target-strategy types are discussed in relation to the tool-for-learning aspect. An increased focus on learning targets and concrete strategies, and a view of the individual as part of an adaptable learning environment, is suggested in the conclusion.

Keywords: Individual Education Plan (IEP), targets, strategies, tool for learning, formative assessment