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(side 237-254)
av Tor-Helge Allern
In this article I will give an account of schooling and education in Denmark and Norway based on the education received by the Norwegian poet and priest Petter Dass at ...
(side 255-271)
av Claus Haas
The social and political lives of the Nordic populations are marked by increasing Europeanization. The reasons for this are still deeper integration within a supra-national democratic political European union ...
(side 272-283)
av Joakim Samuelsson og Anna-Lena Eriksson Gustavsson
In this survey a study is made of how the self-assessed reading, writing and oral skills of boys and girls predict grades in different subjects in compulsory nine-year ...
(side 287-302)
av Brita Utne, Henning Tønnesson og amelie fougner
This article examines the question of whether teachers can help third year students use the counselling skills that they have acquired, as peer tutors of first year students. A group ...
(side 303-314)
av Svend Brinkmann og Lene Tanggaard
This article argues in favour of an impure pedagogy in which learning something, particular in or across social practices, is seen as the central goal of educational activities. The idea ...
(side 315-331)
av Inger S. Throndsen
The main purpose of this study was to study gender differences in arithmetic strategy use in young elementary school children. The students strategy use is examined in relation to their ...
(side 332-344)
av Stephen Dobson
This paper has two goals. On the one hand, to propose and apply a validity argument model for the viva. On the other hand, to provide some empirical insights into ...
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