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(side 1-14)
av Anne-Lise Arnesen, Elina Lahelma og Elisabet Öhrn
In this article we discuss the discourse on boys’ underachievement and how it has emerged as an educational problem in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Rather than focusing on the ’facts ...
(side 15-29)
av Thomas Hansson
Analysis of the content area - democracy - and the object of study - values - enable a diagnosis-analysis-synthesis approach to human behaviour, primarily by means of textual criticism. Some of the ...
(side 30-37)
n the present essay, I attempt to develop a distinction between moral and political theories of education, inspired by the work of Amy Gutmann. The main idea is that whereas ...
(side 39-51)
av Kari Berg
The article focuses on the school carriers of students living in child care institutions. Both national and international studies show that children living in residential care and foster homes achieve ...
(side 52-61)
av Gry Holtedahl
In order to act in situations, we need to understand them in meaningful ways. Our tools of action in situations are values, attitudes, experiences and knowledge. By outlining the concept ...
(side 63-72)
av Thorsteinn Sigurjónsson, Trine Bjerva og Tor Solbakken
The starting point of this investigation is that indoor and outdoor space create different sense impressions. This article presents a study that examines learning outcome in orienteering, by using situated ...
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