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Running Theme: Forskningsprocessen och forskarpraktiken
(side 177-190)
av Gunnar Handal og Per Lauvås And
Research supervision involves giving feedback to students, whether they are doctoral or master students. The students produce some kind of text, often a draft, and share it with their supervisor ...
(side 190-208)
av Rune Krumsvik
This action research study investigates implementation of ICT in schools. The case-study is part of a Norwegian ICT project called PILOT, the focus of which concerns the impact on ...
(side 208-217)
This article describes a project conducted under the EU's Leonardo da Vinci II programme. Called the Virtual Glass Academy (VGA), this project piloted a pedagogical model for e-learning ...
(side 217-229)
av Unn-Doris Karlsen Bæck
Research shows that differences in parental involvement are important for explaining differences in educational preferences, aspirations and achievements among pupils. In this article the aim is to show that Bourdieu ...
(side 229-245)
av Jitka Lindén
The article considers various ethical issues in the supervision of doctoral students. Narratives collected at seven Swedish universities describing problematic situations in supervision were analyzed against the background of basic ...
(side 245-258)
av Svend Brinkmann
The idea of liberal education, character formation, or Bildung has made a comeback in recent years. Often, however, it is re-actualized with the concept of self-formation, inspired by ...
(side 258-273)
av Susanne Köpsén
As workplaces and trade unions are increasingly facing new kinds of issues, local trade union representatives need to improve their skills.. At the moment, representatives are more or less left ...
(side 273-284)
av Elisabeth Buk-Berge
What is comparative education? This question is examined with reference to a textbook in which the view presented on comparative education differs widely from current thinking in this field. This ...
(side 284-301)
av Guðrún Jónsdóttir
In this article I explore how girls express their sense of individuality when studying science, and how much they are influenced by their peers . The discussion adopts a dialectical cultural ...
(side 301-302)
av Ingvar Wäreborn
Journal of Baltic Science Education kom ut med sitt första nummer 2002. Det är en vetenskaplig tidskrift för lärande och utbildning inom naturvetenskap och teknologi, inte bara för de baltiska länderna ...
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