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(side 1-2)
av Biörn Hasselgren
INTRODUCTION: When the Nordic Educational Research Association (NFPF/NERA) started in 1972 the idea was to create a forum for educational researchers in the Nordic countries to gather as a collective ...
Honorary editors’ selection
(side 3-15)
av Steinar Kvale
HONORARY EDITORS SELECTION: With inspiration from the hermeneutic interpretation of literary texts a reinterpretation of the issue of subjectivism in the interpretation of meanings in interviews is attempted. This concerns ...
(side 16-35)
av Staffan Larsson
HONORARY EDITORS SELECTION: Notions about standards of quaIity in research are central to work in higher education. They are a prerequisite for producing, supervising and judging research. Criteria for quaIity ...
Ordinary editors’ selection
(side 36-43)
av Aleksandr V. Zaporozets
ORDINARY EDITORS SELECTION: As is well known, the system of public preschool education in the USSR is highly developed. At present (1975) about 15 million children attend kindergartens and creshes, where a ...
(side 44-53)
av Lotte Rahbek Schou
ORDINARY EDITORS SELECTION: The term aesthetics is usually connected with the pedagogics of music and drama, pictorial arts and handicrafts. In this paper it is argued that aesthetic experience should ...
(side 54-66)
av Gert Biesta
ORDINARY EDITORS CHOICE: This article provides a critical examination of the new language of learning which has become dominant in educational discourse over the past decades. It is argued that ...
(side 67-77)
av Eli Bergsvik, Gerd Grimsæth og Grete Nordvik
FORUM: This article is based on a Norwegian study, which shows that we have to change our teachereducation due to how schools and kindergartens actually appear. On some areas new ...
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