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Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies

From nr. 1 2014, NORMA will be published by Taylor & Francis. If you have any questions about the move, please contact post@universitetsforlaget.no.

NORMA is an interdisciplinary Nordic scholarly journal for research on men and masculinity and is considered to be in the forefront in its field in the Nordic countries.

The journal aims to promote scholarly work that analyses practical problems in equal-rights politics in which men and masculinity are parts, to strengthen theoretical and methodical development and to present new thematic and interdisciplinary aspects within the Nordic research environment.

NORMA is published by Universitetsforlaget in collaboration with Nordic Gender Institute. The journal receives economic support from The Research Council of Norway.

NORMA publishes in the Scandinavian languages and English and has primarily researchers, students, practitioners and decision-makers in the Nordic countries as target groups.

The journal is issued twice a year.
Ulf Mellström - Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Lucas Gottzén - Linköping Universitet

Journal address:
Norma v/Ulf Mellström
Inst. för arbetsvetenskap
Luleå tekniska universitet
SE-971 87 Luleå
  • ISSN Online: 1890-2146
  • ISSN Print: 1890-2138
  • DOI:
  • Publisher: Universitetsforlaget

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