The purpose of this study is to explore the dynamic relationship between media, authority and religion in an educational context, in order to gain a more nuanced view of how authority on religion can be constructed. Two research questions are posed: 1. How do the studied teachers negotiate their authority in relation to various media materials and discourses?; and 2. How can recent developments of mediatization theory be helpful in studying authority on religion in a previously underexplored context? To answer these questions, empirical examples from a study of 22 teachers of religious education (RE) are analysed using a theoretical view of authority as relational, as well as a conceptualisation of media dynamics. The article presents findings that highlight how authority can be negotiated in an RE context, and how recent developments within mediatization theory, for example the concept of co-structuring, can give a more dynamic perspective on how teachers construct their authority on religion in an RE context.

Keywords: Religious education, authority, mediatization, media dynamics, Sweden