Norway has a strong monoreligious heritage that is currently undergoing changes, primarily due to immigration. This study is based on focus group interviews with 45 youths from six different congregations in the Church of Norway, in Oslo and rural areas near Oslo. None of the youths expressed generally negative sentiments against the presence of persons with a religious affiliation other than Christianity. There were much stronger prejudices against persons from the opposite side of the city as compared to prejudices against those with a faith other than Christianity. Those with a less clearly expressed faith are, however, somewhat more reluctant in the presence of persons with another religious affiliation as compared to youths with a more explicit Christian belief. This confirms overall findings that young persons tend to be more accepting than older, and that faith and active involvement in church is positively correlated with acceptance as compared to merely religious belonging.

Keywords: Abu-Nimer, Church of Norway, interreligious sensitivity, religiocentrism, religiorelativism