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Åpen tilgang
(side 5-6)
av Britt Andersen, Anders Kristian Strand og Marit Grøtta
Åpen tilgang
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 7-26)
av Marianne Egeland
Engelsk sammendrag

What textual relations may be established between the two most successful writers of children’s literature in the USA and Norway during the 19th century – Louisa M. Alcott and Dikken Zwilgmeyer? The reception in Norway is split on Zwilgmeyer’s literary ancestry, whether she belongs to a tradition instituted by Alcott’s Little Women, or whether she is to be regarded as the initiator of a new tradition herself. The aim of this article is to investigate a hypothesis about connections between the two authors’ work by studying the impact of Alcott in Norway before the 20th century, comparing Alcott’s Little Women (1868–69) and Eight Cousins (1875) with Zwilgmeyer’s Inger Johanne series, Fire kusiner (1899) and Anniken Præstgaren (1900). The sources include a reader survey from 1902, the first of its kind, mapping the reading of Zwilgmeyer’s generation. Central to the discussion is the question of intertextuality and reading as a process, activating a text’s network of relations.

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Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 27-48)
av Gerd Karin Omdal
Engelsk sammendrag

The article argues that White Blight can be read as a decolonial project with an immanent ambition to display, dissolve and change colonial aspects of the prevalent models of thought. «The other» of the colonial discourse moves to a central position, by, for example, mimicking the objectification of the coloured subject, performed by focusing on the colour white. As a work of art, White Blight belongs to an experimental tradition, aiming for a break with the discursive power inherent in established notions of artistic form. Hélène Cixous and Frantz Fanon are important references in an exploration of the power of language and structural racism in the text.

Åpen tilgang
Å fortelle gjennom traumer
Traumefremstilling i Marguerite Duras’ Emily L.
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 49-65)
av Kaisa Hoel
Engelsk sammendrag

This article discusses how psychological trauma can be represented in literature and, more specifically, how it is represented in Marguerite Duras’ novel Emily L. (1987). The novel has mostly been read biographically, yet I argue that in doing this, one ignores the textual structures. I therefore propose a reading based on aspects of the text itself. My claim is that, despite rarely thematizing trauma explicitly, the novel can be classified as trauma fiction. Trauma is represented through voice and focalization, resulting not only in a story about a traumatized person, but a story told through a traumatized perspective. I discuss two main plot lines, both concerning the relationship between the narrator’s speech and what she is talking about. Firstly, I explore how trauma dissolves the border between past and present. I then analyze changes in perspective, arguing that, paradoxically, the narrator’s trauma is more present where she is concealed in the text. Finally, I discuss the possibility of healing.

Åpen tilgang
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 66-77)
av Janicke Stensvaag Kaasa
Engelsk sammendrag

The Arctic is an imagined space as much as a geographical place; our ideas and understanding of the region are based both in the fictional and the factual. Aritha van Herk’s Places Far From Ellesmere (1990) combines multiple genres in its experimental rendering of the author’s journey to the Canadian north, thus touching upon the issues of genre and the boundaries, or rather the lack of such boundaries, between the fictional and the factual in the literature of the Arctic. The article examines how van Herk’s text contests the genre conventions of exploration narratives through the traveller’s self-representation and by making Anna Karenina a key text in the account of her journey. These features, the article argues, are decisive to van Herk’s feminist critique of Tolstoy’s novel, as well as of exploration writing on the Arctic generally, and also point to the recurring issue of fact and fiction in the literature of the Arctic.

Åpen tilgang
(side 107-109)
av Eivind Kolflaath
Doktorens hjørne
Åpen tilgang
Avhandling: With His Blood He Wrote
Functions of the Pact Motif in Faustian Literature
(side 110-113)
av Ole Johan Holgernes
Åpen tilgang
Avhandling: Tragediens skjebne i romanens tidsalder
Tradisjonssonderinger i lys av Thomas Hardy og William Faulkner
(side 114-116)
av Johan Fredrik Getz

Norsk Litteraturvitenskapelig tidsskrift

1–2018, årgang 21


Norsk Litteraturvitenskapelig Tidsskrift (NLvT) er et tidsskrift for allmenn litteraturvitenskap. Utgangspunktet er de senere års sterke vekst i faget allmenn litteraturvitenskap, men NLvT henvender seg også til litteraturforskere som sogner til språkfagene, filosofi eller andre estetiske disipliner. NLvT ønsker å legge forholdene til rette for bedre kommunikasjon og diskusjon litteraturforskere imellom.


Britt Andersen, NTNU (hovedredaktør)

Marit Grøtta, Universitetet i Oslo

Anders Kristian Strand, Universitetet i Bergen


Cathrine Bjerknes


Kjersti Bale, Universitetet i Oslo

Rolf Gaasland, Universitetet i Tromsø

Anna Forssberg Malm, Göteborgs Universitet

Toril Moi, Duke University

Ingrid Nielsen, Universitetet i Bergen

Frederik Tygstrup, Københavns Universitet

Hans H. Hauge, Aarhus Universitet

Dag Heede, Syddansk Universitet

Sats: Laboremus Sandefjord AS

ISSN Online: 1504-288X

DOI: 10.18261/issn.1504-288X

Utgitt med støtte fra Nasjonalt tidsskriftkonsortium for humaniora og samfunnsvitenskap.

© Universitetsforlaget 2018

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