Thematic issue 2/2020: Culture as instrument

Professor Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu) and Professor Miikka Pyykkönen (University of Jyväskylä) will compile a special issue for the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy, issue 2/2020. The theme of the issue is Culture as Instrument.

Instrumentalisation is always a current topic in cultural policy and has been one of the major topics in cultural policy research since its beginning. What makes it particularly topical now in Nordic and Baltic countries are the creative economy boom, welfare through culture discourse and rising nationalism, for instance. Culture is used as a concept and means in economic and social policies. It is an instrument used in the welfare services for elderly people, in supporting ”healthy” hobbies of the children, and in the integration of immigrants, for instance.

This special issue will open perspectives to different kinds of instrumentalisms in the field of cultural policy and at different times. The objective is that the achieved compilation of articles will produce a deeper knowledge and insight about the topic by comparing and contrasting the ways of using culture between countries, eras, regions, organisations, systems, ethnic groups, agents, etc.

One important aspect of the theme issue will be the increase of conceptual and theoretical understanding of culture and cultural policy regarding instrumentalisation; what are the different conceptualizations of culture – especially when instrumentalised in different contexts of social policy – and to which kinds of theorizations they connect to. Articles, which shed light on methodological issues in the study of instrumentalisation are most welcome.


Abstracts due 31st October 2019 (max. 500 words)

Articles due 20th April 2020 (max. 8 000 words)

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About the Editors:

Andrey Makarychev is a Guest Professor at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Science, University of Tartu. His research interests comprise various intersections and meetings points of culture and politics, including semiotic and discourse analysis, popular geopolitics, and biopower.

Miikka Pyykkönen is Professor of Cultural Policy at the University of Jyväskylä. His teaching and research tackle questions of cultural policy, cultural economy, entrepreneurship, ethnic and cultural minorities, Foucauldian theory and civil society.

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