The Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy invites researchers and Ph.D. candidates to submit article manuscripts for publications in its planned thematic issue on folkbildning/folkeopplysning and cultural policy. This thematic issue is organized in cooperation with Mimer, the Swedish network for research on popular education.

Folkbildning, or folkeopplysning in this context refers to activities and efforts in adult education organized in study associations, study circles, folk high schools, or otherwise in the broad tradition of popular education or popular enlightenment as a means to democratizing society. Articles may concern both present activities and policies, and historical developments in these fields.

Articles in the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • The political role of culture in folkbildning/folkeopplysning.

  • Folkbildning/folkeopplysning as cultural policy.

  • Cultural policy as folkbildning/folkeopplysning.

The Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy is the only scientific peer review journal for cultural policy research in the Nordic countries. The editors of this thematic issue are Tobias Harding (, University of Jyväskylä, and Henrik Nordvall (, University of Linköping. Manuscripts can be submitted in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish and should follow the instructions for articles in the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy ( Manuscripts will be reviewed by anonymous referees using a double blind procedure before being accepted for publication. The deadline for submission to this thematic issue is February 10, 2015. Manuscripts are sent to the editors of the thematic issue via e-mail.