Tor Erik Eiriksen: Man, Unhealthiness and Givenness. An exploration of conceptual covering and phenomenal saturation based on the phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion

What do we imply when we state that some-»thing», or a phenomenon, is given? The task of exploring such a question is the decisive momentum in the writings of the French philosopher Jean-Luc Marion (1946). He has more than anyone set out to explicate a coherent philosophy, or more precisely – a phenomenology of Givenness. Through a critical reading of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger he proposes a somehow radical phenomenology that holds a potential of illuminating the full range of the phenomenal world we all are a part of. In this article we try to achieve a better understanding of this contribution to philosophy and phenomenology. As both an exemplary entry- and finishing point to such a reflective process, we will call attention to phenomena such as pain and tiredness/fatigue which we consider to be basic human conditions

Keywords: objectness, beingness, givenness, saturation, pain, tiredness/ fatigue, icon, idol, flesh, event