Nature, subjectivity and the situated body

This article addresses the discussions about mankind’s relation to nature and the sensual aspects of subjectivity, and traces these back to two different approaches to nature and subjectivity in modernity. The first is the aesthetic tradition, where we both have tendencies to a disinterested and anti-sensualistic approach to art and experience – and theory and art that tries to memorize mankind's relation to nature and its attempt to retrieve itself as situated bodies in a real world. The second is the discussion about women as nature, where the defining of women as nature and body is the situation to be left. The article brings together these traditions by confronting T. W. Adorno's critical modernism with Hélène Cixous’ ecologically reflected concept of nature and non-constitutive theory of poetic production, and investigates how this encounter throws new light on the conception of art and critique of rationality.

Keywords: Adorno, Hélène Cixous, Kant, Beauvoir, feminist aesthetic, aesthetic of nature, critique of rationality, critical theory, feminine writing