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(side 4-5)
av Jonathan Knowles og Solveig Bøe
(side 6-20)
av E. J. Lowe
Is metaphysics dead and useless to empirical science? Hilary Putnam and Bas van Fraassen seem to think so. But a more careful scrutiny of recent developments in analytic metaphysics reveals ...
(side 23-31)
av Jonathan Knowles
Can metaphysics survive the naturalistic turn in philosophy? To judge by much current philosophical activity and expressed allegiances, the answer would seem to be positive. But it turns out there ...
(side 33-51)
av Magne Dybvig
Dualism and physicalism (and other theories of mind) may be understood and argued for in many different ways. I distinguish between conceptual, naturalistic and metaphysical versions of these theories. Certain ...
(side 53-58)
av Alexander Bird
Can we have a posteriori knowledge of modal facts? And if so, is that knowledge fundamentally a posteriori, or does a priori intuition provide the modal component of what is ...
(side 60-75)
av Ronny Selbæk Myhre
The question of whether or not there are emergent phenomena in nature is a perennial issue in metaphysics and the philosophy of science. This article explores the type of emergentism ...
(side 77-92)
av Hilary Kornblith
The question of whether knowledge is a natural phenomenon, or a natural kind, has recently become a topic of some controversy. But just what does it mean to assert, or ...
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