Is Jesus the eternal son of God, or did he first become the son of God by his resurrection? Theological controversies have surrounded this question since the early Church, and it is also a contested question in current research. In this controversy, Romans 1:4 stands at the center of attention. The translation of this verse has far-reaching consequences for Pauline Christology. Bibel 2011, the last Bible translation by the Norwegian Bible Society, was launched and is marketed as “closer to the source text” than the former translation from 1978. In the rendering of Romans 1:4, however, the translation from 1978 is closer to the source text than Bibel 2011, where the latter eliminates all sense of ambiguity by safeguarding the traditional Christology of the Church. The article analyses how this happened in the course of the translation process and attempts to highlight the ideological effect of the translation choice.