Background: There are challenges around the practice of non-profit nursing. This is due to a lack of time as great emphasis is placed on efficiency. Quality nursing is characterized by patient safety, patient involvement and influence.

Aim: The aim of the review is to shed light on how time pressure affects quality and patient safety in nursing.

Method: A systematic review which included eight research articles.

Result: Several of the studies show a connection between the nurse’s work requirements and time pressure. Professional expectations and a consequent time pressure can affect the nurse’s perceptions of their own practice.

Conclusions and implications for clinical practice: Nurses may experience time pressure that affects quality and patient safety. Especially through lack of time for nurse-patient interactions, occupational health, and negative strategies with consequences for individualization and the nurse’s observations and assessment abilities. A supportive work environment is important for the nurses handling of the time pressure.

Keywords: nursing, patient safety, quality, systematic literature study, time pressure