Nursing documentation traditionally takes place in the office. The increased documentation requirements in the healthcare system may thus mean that the nurses spend more time away from the patient. Therefore, the task of documentation is increasingly being moved to the bedside. This project is an improvement project in which the Improvement Model of Southern Denmark has been used as a framework. The aim was to investigate nurses’ and patients’ experiences of bedside documentation.

Data collection was completed by participant observations and semi-structured interviews. Data were interpreted from a post-phenomenological perspective.

In the analysis, two main themes were derived from the nurse perspective; ‘New workflows and habits’ and ‘Patient involvement and real-time documentation’. From the patient perspective, two main themes emerged; ‘Security and involvement’ and ‘A natural tool that streamlines workflows’. Situations where bedside documentation makes sense for both nurses and patients were identified e.g. when dispensing medication, receiving new patients, and planning the discharge.

Keywords: nursing documentation, improvement project, nursing, post-phenomenology, technology