Background: The coronavirus pandemic is not only a healthcare and economic crisis, it is also an ethical situation with a lot of questions and reflections.

The aim of this article is to discuss the ethical message written on the website and in the pamphlet from the National Board of Health concerning vaccination against Covid-19.

The chosen theories and framework for the analysis are Kant’s ethics, Bentham’s utilitarianism and Habermas’s discourse ethics.

Result: We found a tension between autonomy and paternalism. The National Board of Health states the free choice of vaccination, but a form of paternalism is hidden in the analyzed material.

Conclusion: The citizens’ yes or no to vaccination against Covid-19 is an ethical situation in which ethical theories can help us to see through the underlying counseling and messages from the Danish Authorities.

Keywords: autonomy, Covid-19 vaccination, Danish authorities, ethical theories, paternalism