Patient participation is a key concept in political guidelines for the health care system. A lot of research and work has been made to implement it nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, we still lack implementation of effective methods of patient participation in the Danish health care system. In this article we compare two evidence-based methods of patient participation which both use decision aids and are used in Denmark: Shared Decision Making and Guided Self-Determination. Both methods are described as shared decisions between the patient and the healthcare worker, but while Shared Decision Making is limited to decisions with already defined options, Guided Self-Determination is especially used when problem-solving is difficult. Shared Decision Making is criticized for being too narrow, and Guided self-Determination is criticized for being too comprehensive and time-consuming. Literature points towards that more methods should be used for a successful patient participation and an organizational and management priority is required.

Keywords: comparison, decision aids, Guided Self-Determination, patient participation, Shared decision making