Background: A project between a university and the municipality. Nursing documentation has been criticized for being incomplete and inadequate.

Objectives: The aim was to investigate how employees at a municipal health center in Trondheim municipality experienced implementation and use of the intervention plan as a work tool.

Method: The design is experimental research with open non-participatory observation as a tool. Field notes were analyzed with a qualitative approach.

Results: The informants described positive experiences using the intervention plan, such as “documenting more consecutively», and provided statements such as “thinking differently when we documented» and being more associated to the patients’ perspective: “we have become more aware of identifying the patients’ need for health care».

Conclusions: The findings show good indications of flexible employees in terms of trying out an intervention plan. Some of the consequences were more individually adapted health care, less overtime work, and a higher level of patient safety.

Keywords: intervention study, municipal health center, nursing documentation, qualitative method