In National Curriculum Regulations for Norwegian Health and Welfare Education (RETHOS), the need for educational Bildung is emphasized by the fact that nurses must be reflected professionals with good attitudes and skills. The aim of this essay is to discuss the Bildung perspectives of simulation as a pedagogical tool when nursing students learn about good dementia care. In this setting, dementia care is used as background to exemplify our views. We describe: 1) simulation as a didactic method; 2) Bildung as a didactical concept; and 3) the Bildung process. Simulation, as a method, encourages students’ interaction and critical thinking regarding the clinical scenario they are facing. However, support from a facilitator seems necessary to support students in their Bildung process to become reflected nurses. The method is also applicable for other educational programs.

Keywords: Bildung, competency-based education, reflection, simulation training, teaching