Background: The demographic, economic and technological development in Denmark is bringing changes to the healthcare system, including shorter hospitalizations. An increasing number of patients are therefore being treated at home. Aim: The aim of this study was to examine the experience of being a patient at home. Methods: The study consists of 10 qualitative semi-structured interviews with patients receiving treatment at home. The interviews were analyzed based on Kvale and Brinkmann’s approach. Results: The findings are presented as four themes related to the patient’s perspective on receiving treatment at home: «The responsibility of the patient», «The requiring of courage,» «A sense of freedom» and «Feeling safe».

Conclusion: The patients felt positive about receiving treatment at home, but the experience can be filled with dilemmas. However, this requires patients to be competent and responsible. Therefore, it is important that home treatment remains an individual choice.

Keywords: competencies, health care system, patient perspective, responsibility, treatment at home