Mistakes in medication management have been documented at nursing homes in Norway. Patients often receive inappropriate medications or multiple medications that interact with each other. In Norway, learning networks with a focus on medication reviews have been developed. This may be one of the solutions to reduce maltreatment in conjunction with medication management. The objective with the study was to evaluate a quality improvement program for better medication reviews at nursing homes. A longitudinal study was conducted in which participating nursing homes were followed after inclusion in the learning network program. Data about the medication reviews was collected from Extranet, a database run by the National Patient Safety Program. Fifty per cent of the patients had a medication review during the project period. The median number of prescriptions with a registered indication increased from 54.7% to 87.9% (p=0.003). Further research is needed to evaluate if the effects can be sustained over time.

Keywords: medication, prevention, risk factors, procedure, elder