Background: Motivation can be created through student participation, where experiences and learning are shared with fellow students. We want nursing students to experience cooperation with other students for inspiration and professional growth. Quality assurance of learning situations in which nursing students cooperate with each other is important.

Purpose: The purpose of the study was to investigate what motivates nursing students’ learning when collaborating with fellow students.

Method: A questionnaire with closed answer alternatives was statistically analyzed. It was possible to elaborate in free text after each question category and related sub-questions were answered.

Result: Nursing students gain great advantages by discussing academic challenges with co-students. Meaningful feedback motivates them to learn more. Others listening to their professional contributions leads to active learning and inner motivation.

Conclusion: The teacher’s role as leader of educational learning processes is evident here in a learning activity in which the student’s own contribution, through academic reflection with others at Campus, is significant. Being allowed to talk, being listened to, and sharing experiences can lead to inner motivation and learning for nursing students.

Keywords: learning, motivation, nursing education, nursing students, peer collaboration