It is known that human storytelling is crucial to achieving understanding of oneself, one’s situation and one’s life. This is especially important when humans are faced with health issues. Nevertheless, the use of a narrative approach can be further developed within the field of healthcare. Awareness of the importance of communicating with the patient is crucial for the support provided by the health professional. In recent decades, attention to the patient’s voice in the form of patient participation has made it clear that the patient must have an influence on the health care provided in order to fully benefit thereof, and this has become an area of special focus. Still, the possibilities of the patient’s narrative have further potential in clinical practice. This is supported by significant theories and research. Based on these, an illustration is given in which the health professional listens to the patient’s narrative in order to promote the patient’s understanding of themselves, their situation and their life.

Keywords: Heidegger, Narrative, patient recovery, rehabilitation, Ricoeur, nurse