In order to strengthen the nursing identity and quality an understanding framework has been developed for neuro-rehabilitative nursing at Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre and University Research Clinic. The framework was developed in the period January 2017 to December 2017 by a working group.

The goal of developing a common framework is to strengthen the nursing staff’s knowledge and professional awareness of the patient’s challenges and needs in the neurorehabilitation efforts. At the same time a common conceptual kit helps to strengthen the roles and functions of nursing staff in interdisciplinary cooperation for the benefit of patients and relatives.

The framework is used as learning and reflection tool to focus on three dimensions of cooperation in the individual patient pathways.

Nursing staff experiencing high recognition and compliance with their role as neurorehabilitation nurses and the framework can contribute to increased professional systematics where nursing staff have consensus about and apply the same academic concepts and terms.

Keywords: framework, fundamental care, neurorehabilitation, nurse-patient relationship and nursing practice