Introduction: DTSQ-IP is a questionnaire designed to measure treatment satisfaction during hospitalization of patients with diabetes mellitus. The aim of this study was to translate, and culturally adapt the questionnaire into a Danish care context, to provide a validated tool for improvement of diabetes nursing research.

Method: The process included translation and adaption based on validated guidelines in a six-phase procedure; forward translation, reconciliation, back translation, psychologist review, cognitive debriefing and final approval.

Results: To achieve a Danish version of DTSQ-IP with a good functionality, and high reliability, adjustments had to be made concerning language, cultural matters and content within the areas: language, cultural adaption and after-cognitive review with patients.

Conclusion: The study provides a validated instrument to measure satisfaction during hospitalization of Danish patients with diabetes. Cultural adaptation had to be made to maintain a correct content. Confirmation is needed regarding psychometric properties in future studies.

Keywords: diabetes, cognitive interviews, cultural adaptation, translation procedure, questionnaire