Background: Functional disorders in children and adolescents are frequent and, may prevent participation in school and social activities. A bio-psychosocial approach is used in interdisciplinary work-out and treatment to help return to a functional everyday life.

Purpose: To investigate quality of a biopsychosocial work-out and treatment in hospitalized children with functional disorders.

Method: A pre-and post-study was used. The indicators were three questionnaires which provide information of well-being.

Results: Between 64 and 77% of 39 included patients responded with the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, nausea and/or abdominal pain, and lack of energy. There was a significant improvement in patients’ experience of going to school (P<0.001) and being active (P = 0.043) during hospitalization. 

Conclusion: Hospitalization at a specialized department with an interdisciplinary and bio-psychosocial approach seems to benefit children and adolescents with functional disorders in important ways. There is a need for development of indicators and standards to systematize the quality assessment of the treatment. 

Keywords: children, adolescents, functional disorder, bio-psychosocial treatment approach, interdisciplinary cooperation