Informational technology is increasingly used in the healthcare sector without evaluating potential barriers for gaining and using web-based information. Evidence is needed to get an understanding of what factors are associated with use of online health information.

The aim of the survey was to describe both the use and the degree of difficulty for using the internet platform ‘Mit Forløb’ (WIP) among patients undergoing fast-track hip surgery, and furthermore to investigate the influence of gender, age and education level on the use of WIP.

Sixty-one percent of the patients (106/175) used the WIP and the adjusted analysis showed that significantly fewer older people (65+ years old) than younger used it (OR 0.41). Furthermore, results indicate that men and the elderly may find the WIP more difficult to use. However, differences were not significant. Due to the size of the study, the findings are tentative. More research on the subject is needed.

Keywords: Degree of difficulty, fast-track hip surgery, informational technology, patient use, web-based information.