Introduction: Patient involvement as a concept is used interchangeably when managers, hospitals, and politicians articulate the patient's role. Aim: To investigate how caregivers invite the family into partnership when providing nursing care to the new family. Methods: The study includes field research and interviews on two maternity wards in the Capital Region of Denmark. Data collection occurred in a two-week period, with a total of 85 observations corresponding to 55 hours, and interviews with 30 caregivers corresponding to three hours of interviews. A total of 31 caregivers participated in the study. Results: Nurses articulate patient involvement as an important part of nursing. Their actions are based on a standardized agenda. The involvements of families depend on the caregivers’ engagement. The nurses experienced that working in a system – the hospital – makes involvement difficult. Conclusion: Patient involvement in practice requires strong priority throughout all stages of the health system.

Keywords: caregivers, qualitative study research, field research, health care system, patient and family involvement