Background: Older patients admitted to hospital for surgery are transferred quickly between different levels of health care. There is a risk for adverse events that may lead to unnecessary suffering for the patient.

Aim: To explore and describe risk for adverse events in the perioperative nursing care process for older patients.

Method: Qualitative latent content analysis was chosen using focus group, dyadic and individual semi-structured interviews with altogether 15 nurses from different contexts in the perioperative nursing care process.

Results: The participating nurses recognized transfer-, documentation- and information system deficits in the coordination of perioperative care that may cause risk for adverse events. However, they do not take enough own responsibility for reporting and changing practice on a system level.

Conclusion: The findings create the basis for changes towards person-centered perioperative nursing, interprofessional and organizational cooperation in the transfer and reporting to improve patient safety.

Keywords: Perioperative nursing, patient safety, older persons, patient transfer, adverse event, descriptive study