Background: In 2013–2014, a competence development project on patient involvement was completed at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

Aim: Following the completed development project we aimed to investigate implementation of methods for patient involvement and illuminate inhibiting and promoting factors.

Theoretical framework: Data generation and analysis was informed by the normalization process theory. Concepts on institutional logics were integrated in the last part of the analysis.

Method: Semi-structured interviews with project group members were conducted 12–20 months after completion of the competence development project.

Result: Despite strong commitment among project group members and positive assessment of the quality of own projects, only two projects were implemented. Both were characterized by preservation of the traditional professional logic.

Conclusion: This study provided knowledge on challenges in integrating patient logic into the organization of a hospital. The findings contribute to future efforts to implement the methods of patient involvement at Aarhus University Hospital.

Keywords: health service, hospital, implementation, the normalization process theory, patient involvement